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Products in the catalog.... - Randomness at it's best
kell's journal
Products in the catalog....
I still have a long way, before catching up to everything I have written down.  And, we're talking about pages of ideas here.

 I am slowly catching up to submitting hairs (both female, and not so much male).  With the hairs, it's easy to just log on, and hop into create mode.  Although, the product pages will suffer for a while.  I'll try my best to get the icons updated, at least for the IMVU client catalog.  Male hairs; I would love to update them more and might just ask for a few male pals to pose... Could be far easier on me.

My offline situation makes it hard to get things completed.  Hopefully, sometime next year, I can get back into a grove with it. I doubt it, but hey, you never know.....

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